Technical Debt Explained, from Mitigation to Prevention // Webinar Pentalog

Jan 17, 2019  17:00
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Iasi | Webinar


Join our online webinar on January the 17th to learn what is and how to prevent technical debt.

When: Paris 4pm // London 3pm // Bucharest 5pm // New York 10am // Guadalajara 9am

Technical debt is an issue that affects as much Development Teams as it has an impact on Business and Stakeholders. So, it is extremely important to get to the core of the problem and prioritize accordingly.

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Catalin Dumitras, Solutions Architect at Pentalog, will share his real-life experience and provide useful advice and recommendations to help mitigate and prevent technical debt.

What you will find out:

  • What is technical debt?

  • Why does it appear?

  • How to prevent it?

  • How to react when facing technical debt?

About the speaker:

Catalin is an experienced Solutions Architect at Pentalog. He also has extensive experience as Consultant, Technical Lead and Software Developer for clients in various business sectors, with a focus on e-commerce companies and software publishers. His technical know-how covers a rich tech stack that includes PHP, Magento, DevOps & Amazon Web Services, and a passion for IT security & Artificial Intelligence.

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