The Perks and Realities of Working with Start-ups | PentaBAR Brasov

Nov 15, 2018  18:15
Brasov | Webinar


Join us on November 15th to “The Perks and Realities of Working with Start-ups”, a new PentaBAR event in Brasov.

The context:

Start-ups are probably a tag of majority tech companies today. Some of us are part of a start-up, some of us work with them and we all know how challenging it can get to streamline this collaboration processes. In our session, we will try to identify the common pitfalls during this process and how we can improve the overall experience when it comes to:

  • Understanding the needs
  • Communicating the right way
  • Critical / preventing thinking
  • Tools / best practices
  • Examples of startups and how they succeeded

About the host:

Gabriel Lupu is a 27 years old software engineer and entrepreneur, proud of being former Pentalog employee. He discovered computers and coding by the age of 8 and since then never stopped exploring. Part of his experience includes working with companies and startups in Romania, Boston and Silicon Valley. He loves to share about modern technologies, digitalization and tech-related solutions for sustainable development.

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