Growth Hacking in Real Life – Beyond the Sexy Word | Pentalog Cluj

In vino veritas. Wine is “win” with an “e” at the end. Radu, our speaker, codes with wine and sometimes he adds it to his career story. Think of Growth Hacking methodology as the fine-tuning tool with the same massive impact on market-share progress like Lean Start-Up for product development and Scrum for rapid productivity. […]

From Product Roadmap to Happy Stakeholders | Pentalog Bucharest

From Product Roadmap to Happy Stakeholders | Pentalog Bucharest

Sep 05, 2019  18:15
Bucharest | Webinar

  No more piecemeal strategy in the design of any product. That era is long gone. Now we are experiencing an Agile respiro. Organizations need transparency and perfect alignment for the sake of their businesses and, therefore, adaptation and long-term tactics are critical.   We are not tight-lipped when it comes to the Agile secrecy. […]

ECMAScript Versions: “One Does Not Simply Write Beautiful JavaScript!” | Pentalog Chisinau

  There is a change of game in the JavaScript programming. New features were released, template strings formed, destructuring involved, and promises made. But how much of this is still syntactic sugar? At Pentalog Chisinau, we will find out to which extent ECMAScript standards make a developer’s life easier in point of code writing, strategic […]

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