AWS Services Roadshow in Romania and Moldova Powered by Pentalog & SkillValue

AWS Services Roadshow in Romania and Moldova Powered by Pentalog & SkillValue

Mar 20, 2019  18:00
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj | Iasi | Webinar

AWS (Amazon Web Services) have considerably gained in popularity and use cases in recent years. It’s no news the ecosystem of Web Services powered by Amazon is attracting businesses in various industries worldwide due to their capabilities. Whether you are a developer, a QA professional, DevOps engineer or a Team Leader, AWS surely has some […]

Company Performance & Internal Competition | PentaBAR Cluj

There’s a collective “I” in “team”. Every employee brings his own standard and value to the organization he works for. What happens when standards meet? Does internal competition really prompt employees into bringing their A-game to work? As a manager, how can you prescribe healthy competition within your company? Pentalog’s CTO, Vasile Putina, challenges you […]

Company Performance & Internal Competition | PentaBar Iasi

Professional hierarchy and evolution are based on constant collaboration between the management department and employees. But what happens when the team members get internally competitive? Has internal competition become managers’ favorite tool to instigate their teams focus more on personal productivity and organizational growth? What’s the impact on the business? Are there any side effects? […]

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