How to Start Your Java Project Quickly on AWS // Webinar Pentalog

How to Start Your Java Project Quickly on AWS // Webinar Pentalog

Sep 18, 2019  17:00
Brasov | Bucharest | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Hanoi | Iasi | Webinar

Join this tech webinar if you want to find out how to start a Java project on AWS or if any of these technologies arouse an interest in you. When: London 3PM // Paris 4PM // Bucharest 5PM // Chișinău 5PM // Guadalajara 9AM // New York 10AM // Where: Online Book your spot now! […]

How Agile Can Help You Reach Happiness Roadshow in Romania and Moldova powered by Pentalog and SkillValue

It’s not about how fit you are. It’s about how you play and how coachable your mind decides to be. To be different is a piece of cake but how difficult is it to get better? A shared synergy builder, a value seeker and efficiency innovator within various business environments, Vlad Georgescu has dedicated quite […]

Growth Hacking in Real Life – Beyond the Sexy Word | Pentalog Cluj

In vino veritas. Wine is “win” with an “e” at the end. Radu, our speaker, codes with wine and sometimes he adds it to his career story. Think of Growth Hacking methodology as the fine-tuning tool with the same massive impact on market-share progress like Lean Start-Up for product development and Scrum for rapid productivity. […]

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