From Product Roadmap to Happy Stakeholders

From Product Roadmap to Happy Stakeholders

Aug 22, 2019  19:00
Chisinau | Webinar

  The Product Roadmap is all about the mission, strategic vision and pre-planning. In other words, the “why”. In Agile organizations, the Product Roadmap implies constant update in order to ensure the perfect alignment with stakeholders’ inputs and the team’s coordination into the right direction. Long and short-term goals seem to be locked in deliverables […]

Augmenting Reality with JavaScript – Chapter 1 | Pentalog Bucharest

If a picture is worth a billion words, then how worthy is an interactive 3D converted odyssey? Augmented and Virtual Realities have simply become an invisible bridge between a so-called “visible” truth. Yet, they are inverse mirrors of each other in terms of objectives and user delivery. For a digital recreation meant to restrict the […]

Idea Validation and Market Analysis | Pentalog Cluj

Idea Validation and Market Analysis | Pentalog Cluj

Aug 28, 2019  18:15
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar

  Evolution cannot begin until you get started. Ideas become tricky and chaotic if they are mistreated. The drive is useless if not accompanied by the firm touch of strategy as fuel to your product’s intensity. Learn to use what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had. For a killer startup modelled […]

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