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Pentalog’s business model focuses on providing an IT Services Platform that covers the entire scope of digital challenges that a company of any size can encounter. We are committed to supporting our clients 100% at every step of the software development process, information systems operation, and maintenance throughout the entire solution lifecycle. Our platform is ready to tackle all challenges, including IT recruitment, software development, digital marketing, and finance. Pentalog also supports its clients with specialists who are always ready to give specific consulting advice on any digital topicsPENTALOG_Pentalog_digital_platform

Our 1000 full time employees work together to deliver the full potential of the Pentalog Platform’s various services. Here we will break down every layer of the platform to give you a better idea of what we do for our clients.


SkillValue makes up the human resources foundation of Pentalog, which takes care of IT recruitment and skill testing. It also maintains a talent pool of 300,000 IT professionals, 200,000 of which have already been skill tested. No matter the project you have in mind we can quickly find right professionals for the job that fit your requirements for skills, experience, language, and proximity. SkillValue uses disruptive recruitment methods such as Hackathons, competitive testing and online events in order to find the best talents.

The Pentalog Software Factory

The Pentalog Software Factory takes care of IT development and programming and is made up of 850 IT full time engineers. We have experts in all of the relevant and cutting edge IT fields; Pentalog can supply the talent you need for any type of project (web, mobile, IOT, etc.) and you can even purchase your own offshore team in Vietnam or Romania using the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) method. We are able to launch an IT project in 2 weeks’ time. All projects are organized around Agile methodologies which ensure customer satisfaction through high-quality deliveries. Our engineers operate out of our delivery centers spread throughout Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our locations around the globe ensure that there is never more than a 4 hour time difference between our clients and our IT professionals. All of our employees speak English and most of them also speak second and even third languages in addition to their mother tongues.

Tech Consultants

Our consultants are specialists that we dispatch to address your biggest challenges in regards to technology architecture, digital marketing, technical debt management, security, performance analysis, and even funding. No matter your problem we have an expert that can work on site or remotely to help you solve it.

The Pentalog Growth Factory

The Pentalog Growth Factory is a lean driven international team that helps clients imagine, create and optimize personalized experiences that delight users and drive business growth using lean product development approach, design thinking, agile methodology and growth hacking. We are lean strategists, heads of growth, engineers, product owners, scrum masters, data analysts, storytellers and experience designers animated by a vision of data-driven and customer-centric products that generate business growth. We assist clients holistically or focused on a single aspect of your business.


Pentalabbs operates as our financial entity which offers services that are especially appealing to startups. With its technology for equity program, Pentalabbs will exchange the technological and human resources of the Pentalog platform in exchange for equity in your company. We can build your technical team, offer our consulting services, quickly ramp up your project and help you launch it, and plug you into our network of over 300 other startups and more than 200 clients. Pentalabbs can also accelerate a company’s development by helping them target startups for an M&A action, or if you are a startup looking to continue your growth process we can help match you with potential buyers.

A Full Stack Digital Offer

In short, our one-stop-shop provides you access to the best resources in the world, giving your company a competitive edge and a potential cost savings of up to 40%. We have industrialized the IT recruitment process and can recruit a project team, launch the project, and it ramp up with high quality IT profiles all in within four weeks. With Pentalog you can pick and choose whichever part of the platform you need at any moment. If you need to set up a 10 person mobile development team and then later you need to ramp it up or down and then you want some help with digital marketing, it is possible to pick whatever service you need at any time. Our highly skilled team members have made us the top IT services platform. If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, contact us today.

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