Events in Iasi

Mobile Meetup | The Benefits of Progressive Enhancement vs Graceful Degradation

Join us on April 19th at our mobile meetup in Iasi! This PentaBAR event will take a closer look into Mobile First Trend and explain the benefits of Progressive Enhancement vs Graceful Degradation. This mobile event will deliver key points in building a successful application and take a peek into the future of mobile. We […]

Blockchain Meetup | Irrational Behaviors & Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Join us on April 5th to learn about human irrational behaviors and blockchain & cryptocurrency basics in a two events mixed meetup. Our speakers are Iulian Moise (UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions) – who will start a funny discussion about “The Beauty of Human Irrational Behaviors, Cognitive Biases and Wrong Decisions” and Cosmin Pascariu, a developer […]

NodeJS Events in Romania & Moldova powered by Pentalog & SkillValue

NodeJS Events in Romania & Moldova powered by Pentalog & SkillValue

Apr 19, 2018  18:30
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Iasi | Webinar

Learn how to write your own microservices with NodeJS at our dedicated events in Romania and Moldova! One of our top Software Developers, Alexandru Olaru, will be visiting Pentalog’s delivery centers in Romania and Moldova (Brasov, Bucuresti, Iasi, Cluj, Chisinau) to share his experience with NodeJS. So, don’t miss “Microservices in NodeJS and Other Fantastic […]

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