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React Roadshow in Romania & Moldova powered by Pentalog & SkillValue

React Roadshow in Romania & Moldova powered by Pentalog & SkillValue

Mar 14, 2018  18:30
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Iasi | Webinar

Why use React instead of other JavaScript frameworks? Want to learn React and start building dynamic, visually stunning web apps? Let us answer all your questions at our React Roadhow! One of our most experienced JavaScript Developers, Elod-Zoltan Tobias, will share his knowledge during 5 tech events hosted in Romania and Moldova, as part of […]

PentaBAR #9 Iasi // The Product Discovery Phase in the Software Development Process

During our next PentaBAR #9 event in Iasi we will discuss about the product discovery phase in the software development process. In detail, we will learn what this phase actually is, why it is useful, who can participate, what can we get from it and how to do a proper product discovery phase on your […]

PentaBAR #8 Iasi // NoSQL and Cassandra

PentaBAR #8 Iasi // NoSQL and Cassandra

Nov 09, 2017  18:15
Iasi | Webinar

Join us November 9, 18:15, at Pentalog #Iasi to take part at our next #PentaBAR #8 event on “NoSQL and Cassandra”. With the help of Florin, we’ll learn about recent developments in the NoSQL space with a focus on Apache Cassandra. Florin will showcase various data ingestion techniques and infrastructure monitoring tools. Beer and snacks […]

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