Front-End Developer, Cluj-Napoca

We are looking for a Front-End Developer to join our team in a project designed for a very prestigious French company that allows online booking of luxury hotels. Our client represents one of Europe’s top agents regarding the high-end hotel industry. The company has an accelerating rate of growth and an innovation level uncommon in their sector.

Our mission is to assist the client in helping each and every of their end customer’s experience the very best of the world’s greatest hotels. In order to do so, we are planning to bring the company’s booking application into the modern browser era.

FE Developer

What we require:

  • A Front-End Developer with a deep understanding of JavaScript and React.js;
  • Knowledge of strong APIs as well as all the latest technologies in web developing (including React.js, ES2015+, HTTP2 and AWS);
  • Fluency in English.

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What your responsibilities will be:

  • Creating strong, modular React components;
  • Test-driven development with JEST;
  • Optimizing an ever-expanding codebase;
  • Building a robust and fast custom API client.

Here are some Front-End Frameworks’ tips and tricks that you might enjoy.

What we offer:

  • Healthcare benefits (Private Medical Insurance, various extra medical advantages);
  • A more active lifestyle with the help of our PentaSport activities;
  • French, German and English courses;
  • Free pass to learning platforms (O’Reilly, Safary Books, Pluralsight, Raywenderlich, MindTools);
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Mentorship programs;
  • Access to a technology roadmap;
  • Full support to upgrade yourself (conferences and certifications);
  • New-born maternity grant;
  • Flexible work schedule, with one day of WFH/week;
  • A front-row seat to PentaBARs – our after-work tech events with a twist.

We are:

Pentalog, a leading IT services provider, operating internationally in Romania, France, Moldova, Vietnam, Germany, the US and Mexico. Our company employs over 1,200 engineers and IT experts who work in a very dynamic, multicultural environment, where your talents and ambitions are recognized and rewarded and where you will have plenty of opportunities to develop as an individual and as a professional.


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