Java Developer job available in Brasov

Job no longer available

Our client is a renowned multinational corporation – one of the largest sportswear manufacturers worldwide! We are currently expanding our team and searching for an experienced Java Developer to build one of our client’s core business platforms.

Main technologies applied: Java 8 & Java 10 + Angular, AWS.

About the project:

As a Java Developer, you will be part of an Agile team and work on building a large-scale B2B e-commerce platform. The solution aims to facilitate collaboration with re-seller companies and has been designed to process very large orders and high traffic levels. Performance and scalability are our client’s main concerns.

The application is a Cloud-enabled solution, based on Java 8 + Java 10, built on top of a Microservices architecture. The Back-End relies on the Spring Suite, while the UI is developed using Angular. This technologically advanced platform is hosted on AWS.

Our client needs exceptional quality and Agile thinking. This is mostly ensured through a Scrum-based project organization and a high percentage of automated testing. We also pay special attention to applying industry-related and software development best practices, while focusing on agility, our core value for product development.

Java Developer
Catch wonderful sunsets on our 9th floor terrace and get inspired by the view!

The Java Developer’s requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience in Java technologies;
  • Java 8 development know-how;
  • Spring Boot skills;
  • Microservices experience;
  • Knowledge of Elastic Search, Aurora AWS (MySql), K8s and Docker is preferred;
  • Experience with Agile Application Development and Scrum methodologies;
  • Fluency in English.

The benefits that come with the job:

  • An amazing way to relax and get creative: 9th floor view of Brasov and the surrounding mountains;
  • Healthcare benefits (Private Medical Insurance, various extra medical advantages);
  • A more active lifestyle with the help of our PentaSport activities;
  • French, German and English courses;
  • Free pass to learning platforms (O’Reilly, Safary Books, Pluralsight, Raywenderlich, MindTools);
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Mentorship programs;
  • Access to a technology roadmap;
  • Full support to upgrade yourself (conferences and certifications);
  • New-born maternity grant;
  • Flexible work schedule, with one day of WFH/week;
  • A front-row seat to PentaBARs – our after-work tech events with a twist.

Did you stumble upon this job ad, but you’re not from Brasov? We have a great relocation policy – so why don’t you move here?

The company:

Pentalog is a leading IT services provider, operating internationally in Romania, France, Moldova, Vietnam, Germany, the US and Mexico. The company employs over 1,000 engineers and IT experts who work in a very dynamic, multicultural environment, where your talents and ambitions are recognized and rewarded and where you will have plenty of opportunities to develop as an individual and as a professional.


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