Node.js Developer, Bucharest

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Node-js Developer in Bucharest

Pentalog is an IT Services Platform, European leader on the IT engineering and consulting services market.

Our customers are all over the planet and are both blue chips, new leaders and startups seeking for new IT dev spots and true marketing technologists.

Today, we are proud to collaborate, as the first worldwide partner in a key cloud strategy, with one of the GAFA companies. Our customer is located in U.S.A and we are extending its research and development team in Romania.

We are looking for specialists who want to be part of projects that constantly revolutionize the world, projects with great history and great future ahead!

In Romania, we are building a top team to lay the foundation for a long-term collaboration.

Your role as a Node.js Developer:

  • Experience with using and implementing RESTful APIs;
  • Experience with one or more of the commonly used NodeJS MVC frameworks;
  • Experience with NodeJS testing frameworks and approaches: unit-testing, TDD, mocking, dependency injection;
  • Experience with simulators and automation of tests plans for REST API;
  • Able to apply S.O.L.I.D principles of Object Oriented Design with JavaScript.


  • Integrate testing interfaces for existing API clients/services;
  • Migrate the API data layer between different data providers;
  • Automate continuous deployment of NodeJS applications;
  • Implementation of security and data protection;
  • Collaborate with Product Owners and Quality Assurance team to define size and implement user stories.

Tech stack:

NodeJS, API Rest, MQTT, API Test, Simulate API clients/servers

This is a collaboration with one of the GAFA companies, it doesn’t get any more challenging than this!

Join our team!


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