Technical Leader / Cluj-Napoca

People are at the heart of our company. Our core values are based on the following principles:

– transparency;
– continuous improvement;
– innovation;
– growth;
– entrepreneurship;

We are a strong team and this year we want to welcome Front End specialists to get even stronger. Or to grow their natural leading skills as Technical Leaders.

technical leader in cluj napoca


We work with a dynamic, growth-stage FinTech company currently expanding its UK, US and Asia-Pacific footprint. The start-up is offering highly innovative solutions to enable their clients to manage a part of the risk of buying and selling financial instruments – what the industry referrs to as ‘collateral management’. The innovation is that the solution is cloud based, the only one in this industry.


Some qualities which will instantly make us go “wow!

Ambition, determination, willing to work in a team focused on a startup project and… someone looking for a friendly and warm atmosphere.

For the Technical Leader position it’s not necessary to have an extensive background in coordinating teams. We appreciate more your natural leading skills, your ability to share knowledge and your talent of setting the good rhythm in your team.  So bring your good mood! 


Technical environment:

We are using Javascript, ExpressJs, NodeJs  and MySql database to serve and capture data on REST endpoints, while the frontend is built on  ReactJs, Websockets, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript. Tests are written with Jasmine and Jest.


What  we  offer:

– a strong, dedicated, young team;

– clients that are open-minded and open to suggestions and input;

– well structured project, driven by a team that is organized and self-coordinated.


Keep calm / or not, but apply to join your new team!


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