iOS Developer job, Cluj-Napoca/ Chisinau
1 November 2019 | 1 position

We are looking for a determined iOS Developer to join our team for a project designed for an extraordinary client – one of the biggest travel and restaurant platforms of East Coast America! Our client’s main target is to provide a unique experience for its online visitors and employees, full of challenging moments, and we […]

Taking Your Python Microservices to the Next Level with a Service Mesh in AWS // Webinar Pentalog
21 October 2019 | 1 position

It’s been a while since you started working with microservices, they’re great but not perfect. You now have tens or hundreds of microservices and it’s getting pretty hard to see what microservice is the root cause of issues. Also, communication between your services is a bit rigid, sometimes you feel you have a distributed monolith! […]

Java Developer job in Chisinau
18 October 2019 | 1 position

Our exciting project requires the steady hand of an excellent Java Developer, willing to be part of a strong team who values an Agile mindset and equal participation to the tasks. Bring your energy to Pentalog Chisinau! Project information: The client is an American EdTech player, providing high quality online courses that aim to prepare […]

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