QA Automation Tester job, Iasi/ Chisinau
3 December 2019 | 1 position

We are looking for a QA Automation Tester who loves to use his/her knowledge & skills and is willing to put them to good use for our project. We are a large, multicultural team, who works in the SCRUM framework, as agility is a core value for us and our client. Client and project information: […]

Data Engineer, Bucharest/ Brasov/ Cluj-Napoca/ Iasi/ Chisinau
2 December 2019 | 1 position

We are on a lookout for a data enthusiast with knowledge to spare and a hands-on attitude, in short: a Data Engineer. Our impressive client is a notable figure of the world wide web, a user-generated platform dedicated to travel that has been around for over 20 years. Because it is a data-driven company, the […]

ECMAScript Versions: “One Does Not Simply Write Beautiful JavaScript!” | Pentalog Chisinau  Copy
2 December 2019 | 1 position

  There is a change of game in the JavaScript programming. New features were released, template strings formed, destructuring involved, and promises made. But how much of this is still syntactic sugar? At Pentalog Chisinau, we will find out to which extent ECMAScript standards make a developer’s life easier in point of code writing, strategic […]

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