Java Developer, Cluj-Napoca
18 July 2019 | 1 position

We are on a lookout for a Java Developer eager to join our team on a fresh and exciting project. So if you’re looking for a change of pace, new perspectives or a somewhere you can fit in, Pentalog is the place for you. Client & project information: The project involves a FinTech client with […]

Augmenting Reality with JavaScript – Chapter 1 | Pentalog Cluj
8 July 2019 | 1 position

If a picture is worth a billion words, then how worthy is an interactive 3D converted odyssey? Augmented and Virtual Realities have simply become an invisible bridge between a so-called “visible” truth. Yet, they are inverse mirrors of each other in terms of objectives and user delivery. For a digital recreation meant to restrict the […]

Back-End Developer (Node.JS +.NET Core), Cluj-Napoca
4 July 2019 | 1 position

Pentalog Cluj is on a look-out for a Back-End Developer, with strong Node.js and .NET Core experience, to work on a project involving a FinTech start-up and their API platform. Our UK-based client is involved in building apps that securely access data, then initiate real-time payments. The company’s goal is to become a financing leader, […]

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