Tester/QC with French, Vietnam – Hanoi
19 July 2019 | 2 positions

We are looking for a Tester/QC with French skills, for a leading French supplier of Internet services. As we continue to expand our relationship with this business partner, we are committed to helping our client to provide optimal connection solutions, as well as Internet access tools and safety measures for website exploitation. In this position, […]

Ruby on Rails Developer / Technical Leader – Hanoi, Vietnam
16 July 2019 | 1 position

Pentalog Vietnam, Hanoi branch, is looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer with (or without) Technical Leader skills to help develop a brand new project, based on Scrum. Our client is a French media group proposing a B2B information platform to healthcare, social and medical-social institutions. Among its various niche services, the client provides a […]

Product Owner (with French), Hanoi
11 July 2019 | 1 position

Pentalog Vietnam is looking for a Product Owner with French language skills to work on an interesting, long-term project. Our company has developed a stable relationship with one of the leading Internet services providers in France that has used our teams in Hanoi for multiple development projects over the past few years. As a continuation […]

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