Python Developer, Iasi
27 March 2019 | 1 position

Our client allows global brands and agencies to listen to conversations and measure the performance of their products or campaigns online. After a first data crawling phase, the company enrich and provides data in many different visualization that will enable marketing professionals to optimize their decisions and strategy for their business. The used Methodology is […]

4 April 2017 | 1 position

We are looking for python developers for a brand new project made in collaboration with the best known media company  in the world, based in USA. Our mission will be to create a custom web application where our client and its partners will be able to collaborate and share their content, which will enable them […]

2 June 2016 | 1 position

Join a great project as Python developer. You will participate in the development of a disruptive product that redefines Mobile e-commerce retail combining online and offline experiences. Our team is already working in an environment of latest technologies and architectural solutions, fully agile and integrated with the team of our client, traveling monthly to Berlin […]

6 October 2015 | 1 position

We are looking for 10 talented and dedicated Python Developers to join our team. They will be working for a Software editor, who is one of the key players in e-commerce in the European digital ecosystem. He has more than 3500 e-commerce sites customers, and his solution is used in over 45 countries. The team […]

3 April 2015 | 1 position

Are you a Python developer with a very good knowledge of handling dataframes, familiar with Ipython and with no fear of having to reach into things you do not know? You are welcomed in our team now. Your main responsibilities will be: Development and optimization of innovative applications based on Python and Django in an […]

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