4 July 2016 | 1 position

We have an interesting project that only a skilled and agile Python can digest and enjoy! Do you have a taste for dynamic projects? Do you have a healthy appetite for building a complex e-commerce application for our start-up partner with Python and Django in a team of 10 senior python developer? Is a further […]

2 June 2016 | 1 position

Join a great project as Python developer. You will participate in the development of a disruptive product that redefines Mobile e-commerce retail combining online and offline experiences. Our team is already working in an environment of latest technologies and architectural solutions, fully agile and integrated with the team of our client, traveling monthly to Berlin […]

6 October 2015 | 1 position

We are looking for 10 talented and dedicated Python Developers to join our team. They will be working for a Software editor, who is one of the key players in e-commerce in the European digital ecosystem. He has more than 3500 e-commerce sites customers, and his solution is used in over 45 countries. The team […]

23 July 2014 | 1 position

  When it comes to developing great software, we put passion in all our projects. If you feel the same when it comes to your work, we invite you to be part of our team, having the role of Python Developer. Why join us? Pentalog offers a very dynamic, multicultural working environment at the crossroads […]

18 June 2014 | 1 position

  – How many developers can say that their work served for a well-known world event? – What if in your career you would get to work with an USA client? On the back end side of a fun and dynamic mobile application? – One that will be used for Football World Cup as well? […]

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