What we do

Our Expertise

Pentalog is the European leader on the IT engineering and consulting services market, operating in 7 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia.The wide range of IT services offered by Pentalog covers the various needs of companies, whatever their size, field of activity or country, including: ecommerce, IOT, Software publishers, M2M, tourism, telecom and many others.We deliver a complete range of Software Factory services: Pentalog is 100% committed to supporting its clients at all levels in software development and information systems operation, as well as maintenance all throughout their solution lifecycle, and at all levels in digital marketing, recruiting or funding services all along their growth lifecycle.Also, Pentalog is a genuine creator of new local activities and jobs. Pentalog invests in people and companies at local level through participation capital and stock options distribution. We also train future professionals within the Pentalog Evolution Program, invest in startups through Pentalabbs, and offer consulting services to our clients via

Our Business Model:

Pentalog Business Model IT Outsourcing

The rate of innovation we provide is amazing! We are able to build complex digital production or R&D environments for customers from scratch, host online/offline hiring competitions for coders, assess the skills of IT/digital departments through ITC Universities, coach agile transitions, build mathematical models, act as a true software partner for our customers, welcome intrapreneurs of large corporations at Pentalabbs, and create startups with other blue chips. Pentalog does everything possible to help our customers dive into the magical quadrant of best digital practices. We are much more than a traditional IT outsourcing company!Last but not least, we increase our commercial data treasure more and more. Our B to B digital marketing capabilities definitely tower over the best practices of the IT industry. The new thing here is that we now open it to the platform’s customers. SAAS players and software vendors can now benefit from the huge leveraging effects of our 300 000 IT decision makers WW! Those are not just email addresses in a DB. They are managed, scored, analyzed every day.

Our business model is threefold:

design graphic
  • Design stage, during which Pentalog offers multi-shore consulting through its technical experts, business analysts and management and ergonomics experts.
  • Build stage, which includes our nearshore & offshore outsourcing and staffing services in order to help our clients fulfill their goals, by developing faster and more efficient solutions.
  • Run stage, related to our cloud services that allow a continuous delivery of software services and the management of the existing web platforms, in full security.

Technologies that we use

our tehnical expertsThe projects developed by the Pentalog teams, whatever the location, are based on Agile methodologies (Scrum or Kanban), as well as on the DevOps practices in order to ensure quick delivery to our customers, increase the quality of the delivered products and reduce time-to-market.In terms of software development, the technologies used on the Pentalog projects are: Java, Microsoft .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby, C/C++, etc.Our Pentalog teams specialized in Business Intelligence use open source tools such as: Talend, Spago BI or Pentaho and business software like: SAP Cognos, Business Objects or SAS.Pentalog has several measurement and testing laboratories which allow our embedded teams to carry out complex testing and validation environments dedicated to a wide range of hardware such as:
  • 2G/3G Telecommunication: measurements in GSM, TDMA, WCDMA/ HSPA, GPRS, EDGE, etc.
  • Multimedia: logical analyzer, audio analyzer, acoustic chamber, microphones, network simulator, etc.
For the mobile application development, Pentalog developers use iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.If you want to check out our projects, click here!

Our Clients

Pentalog is perfectly able to develop and deliver any kinds of solutions to customers coming from different countries and business lines attracted by our company’s great flexibility and innovation capacity.For this reason, Pentalog’s clients are heterogeneous (from startups to large multinationals coming from Western Europe, Asia or North America).The professionalism shown by the Pentalog teams, as well as their good communication skills and responsiveness, availability, timeliness assumed, and especially the quality of the delivered products have attracted major companies from all over the world:If you want to see who our clients are, click here!

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