Why Brasov

We are: 200+ people
We code: Angular JS, React JS & Native, Python, DotNet, Java, Node JS, PHP, Scala
We do: Lunch&Learn, PentaBAR – Tech Meetup, PentaSPORT, Summer IT Experience, HighSchool Summer Experience

An IT office at the foothills of the Carpathians, with great opportunities for sports enthusiasts

pentalog brasov

Founded in 1999, Pentalog Brasov is Pentalog’s first Delivery Center in Romania and an excellent location for those who wish to combine the challenges of IT software development with their passion for sports and outdoor activities. Pentalog Brasov is conveniently located in a modern building, with welcoming offices that offer a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Apart from its proximity to numerous tourist attractions, the office itself is close to multiple sports venues such as: fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, ice rinks etc.

An environment that encourages software innovation, initiative and continuous learning

With a tradition of more than 17 years of successfully delivered software solutions and highly-skilled software development teams, Pentalog Brasov is home to challenging international projects developed in both traditional technologies such as .NET or JAVA and cutting-edge technical solutions like Python or JavaScript frameworks (Angular, BackBone, React).

The projects span an array of business sectors which range from software publishing, service innovation and telecom security to real estate, retail, human resources and digital marketing.

The Brasov team counts over 200 people, a quarter of the total number of Pentalog Software Factory employees. Both IT Specialists and Junior Programmers are joining forces, learning from each other the tips and tricks of quality software delivery, team work and continuous learning while challenging one another into solving each project’s puzzle.

Home to knowledge sharing and team building

The 9th floor space – the PentaBAR, which opens into a spacious terrace, has been converted into a conference room hosting many of the IT events organized in Pentalog Brasov:

  • Afterwork Meetup: already at its 6th edition, this event brings together passionate people willing to improve their skills or to take part in debates on controversial IT topics;
  • Learn&Lunch: a recurring social and technical event where people share their experience on various ongoing projects and try to figure out solutions while having lunch together;
  • Summer IT Experience: an IT event designed for highschool students to help them discover the world of software programming by having them experience real-life projects and challenges;
  • Mobile FastTrack: a workshop on mobile technologies whose main goal is to lay the foundations of a mobile community. The event has actually brought together Pentaguys from all the Pentalog agencies.

Team building activities are an important part of our credo. Thus, besides the technical meetings, we aim to create a tradition of social gatherings in order to bring out collaboration, friendship and support inside our team:

  • PentaBike: a meeting for cycling fans, which consists of an entertaining bike ride on an established route;
  • Brasov Heroes: a rewarding sports experience which takes place every year and supports a social cause by joining a running contest;
  • Christmas Fair: in the spirit of the winter holidays, the first edition of this event mobilized a whole team who crafted handmade decorations and cooked delicious cookies; they were then sold inside the company and the funds raised went to a therapy center for children with autism.
pentalog brasov
Convince yourself that this is not just marketing!

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