Why Bucharest

We do: PentaFoisor, Afterwork Meetups, Knowledge Sharing, Learn&Lunch…
We code: embedded, java, Business Intelligence, web development
We are: 90 people

A green space for fresh minds

Pentalog Bucuresti is situated in a highly accessible region, in the heart of the Romanian capital city. It is a convenient location for people coming from different parts of the city, given that the offices are close to the city center while the nearby area gives access to various means of transportation.

The building itself follows the guidelines of the local architectural style yet it stands out thanks to a large courtyard – the PentaFoisor, where both technical and social events are frequently organized for our employees. It is also an inspiring place, where people can go to brainstorm for new ideas, have their 5-minute break or simply have lunch on sunny days.

An IT hub for embedded systems, Business Intelligence and business analysis specialists

Dynamic projects call in specialists of all expertise levels to join forces and solve the puzzle of each IT challenge. Our portfolio includes a variety of technical solutions successfully delivered by our teams, ranging from highly technical multimedia and hardware oriented projects designed for major players on the telecom market, to the more economics oriented Business Intelligence and business analysis projects developed for important financial institutions. For passionate .NET developers or the more eccentric Ruby and Python enthusiasts, interesting projects in various fields like media communication, digital marketing, document management or e-learning are waiting to be dealt with by a skillful mind.

The Bucharest team is a young, enthusiastic group of Pentaguys, with high-level technical and functional skills, who will never say no to the challenges of a new project. Both junior and more experienced software engineers have found a common ground to work on, motivating one another to achieve success and deliver high quality solutions.

An environment for networking, knowledge sharing and team building

The green space available in the courtyard – the PentaFoisor, has been home to interesting IT networking instances, rewarding knowledge sharing sessions, challenging afterwork meetups and, last but not least, incredibly fun parties. Events are being organized periodically, both internally and externally, in order to help our Bucharest team improve their skills, share experiences to learn from or make new friends and develop the team spirit.

Team building is one of our true values and this is why our Pentaguys bring to the table their energy, sense of humor and positive attitude to ensure the success of every informal encounter:

  • PentaSport: in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle while performing sports activities they like, the Bucharest team has established their own tradition of football matches held every week, or bowling games organized frequently;
  • Parties in the courtyard: the PentaFoisor is not only the place where people exchange on their technical knowledge, but also the perfect location for thematic parties such as cocktail parties, the French National Day, the Music Festival etc.

Internal technical gatherings and external participations to IT conferences follow the same routine as the social activities. Whenever the occasion arises, people challenge their skills during a number of interesting events:

  • Internet & Mobile World: an event whose main objective is to help businesses grow by providing digital marketing, online presence and software intelligence solutions;
  • Bucharest Technology Week: a week of technical gatherings such as conferences, meetups and exhibitions, bringing together IT enthusiasts across the city;
  • Afterwork Meetups: internal events taking place regularly at Pentalog Bucuresti, whose main aim is to gather people in order to debate and share expertise on various topics;
  • PentaFoisor: an event bringing talented presenters from all the Pentalog delivery centers or external speakers to the Pentalog Bucuresti courtyard for an encounter whose interesting subjects and exciting experiences are shared with the audience;
  • Learn&Lunch: a social and technical event organized during lunch breaks, where people join a discussion group and share their experience or solve technical issues encountered on the ongoing projects.
Convince yourself that this is not just marketing!

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