Why Chisinau

We are: 140 people
We code: JAVA, PHP, .NET, Python, front-end, mobile technologies
We do: Hackathons, Tech Afterwork, Learn&Lunch, Tech Meetup, QA Camp, Tech classes

A welcoming office in the city of seven hills, at the crossroads of Latin and Slavic cultures.

Established in 2005, Pentalog Chisinau is located in the capital city of the Republic of Moldova and prides itself on a multilingual (Romanian, Russian, French, English) environment where the cultural diversity paves the way to long-term collaborations with international clients from Europe, US and Asia.

With a team already counting about 140 highly-skilled people and interesting opportunities to offer, Pentalog Chisinau has earned its reputation as a trustworthy partner and employer in one of the most competitive IT outsourcing destinations in Europe. Direct flights from London and Paris take only 3 hours.The location itself is a rewarding work environment for passionate web and mobile developers.

A rewarding work environment for passionate web and mobile developers

Pentalog Chisinau houses many interesting projects, most of them consisting of solid partnerships with long-time customers who have entrusted our teams with the development of complex software solutions requiring a variety of technical skills: JAVA, PHP, .NET, Python, front-end, mobile technologies  etc. We work with clients from diverse sectors: energy, data management, sound recognition, e-commerce, retail, intellectual property, media communication, banking, medical electronics, travel, transportation etc.

Opportunities are available to both senior software engineers who are searching for new challenges or the chance to improve their knowledge and junior programmers who are at the beginning of their IT career.

For the less experienced developers, our technical experts have prepared well-structured internship programs. Well-trained specialists are invited to join our projects and deal with the challenges of specific activity sectors: energy management, fragrances and flavors, market research, e-commerce, digital marketing, retail, tourism, press etc. We also encourage continuous learning and development; for this reason, there is an entire list of training sessions to choose from that we make available to our IT specialists.

A dynamic IT hub where events come to complete an already challenging technical experience

pentalog brasov

As a complement to the ongoing projects in Pentalog Chisinau, we have attempted to get closer to our IT community by establishing a tradition of IT events (organized by us or attended by our talented speakers and mentors) which have eventually proved to be a real success:

  • Afterwork Meetups: the series of meetups Pentalog Chisinau brings together IT enthusiasts, passionate developers and technical experts from the entire IT community in Moldova to share knowledge, exchange ideas and gain expertise on a diverse range of topics;
  • Open Days: an event organized for the students of the main university centers in Chisinau, consisting of a series of presentations and activities on Agile, development frameworks, as well as the ins and outs of the software development process;
  • Tekwill Tech Days, powered by Pentalog: a series of master classes in partnership with Tekwill and Technical University from Moldova, organized for students, whose goal is a fast introduction into the best practices of the technology;
  • BEST Hackathon: an IT event organized in partnership with BEST Chisinau whose purpose is to get developers out of their comfort zone and challenge them into an exciting technical experience about Augmented Reality;
  • Challenges for Programmers Hackathon: the first online hackathon to be organized in Moldova that challenged Java, C#, C++, PHP, Python or Ruby passionate developers in a race to showcase their skills;
  • Chisinau Smart City Hackathon: an event revolving around the idea of a smart city, addressing tech enthusiasts and active community members alike, where Pentalog Chisinau was present as gold partner, with 6 mentors.

Since no project is successful without a strong team, we care about the welfare of our Chisinau Pentaguys and their team cohesion. That is why we are constantly seizing each and every occasion to organize and encourage team building activities and social events:

  • PentaKids: because we love our families as much as we appreciate our teams and since we all need to be children from time to time, every year, we celebrate Children’s Day by throwing a party for all our colleagues’ kids; this year’s edition, we have surprised children with an amazing workshop about science and experiments;
  • PentaSport: every week, energetic colleagues of ours get outdoors and play football and volleyball;
  • Parties and get-togethers: a part of our internal rules say it is important to go out for social gatherings, be they an organized party or a night out with people from various projects; it is a perfect chance to get along with old friends and make new friends;
  • Learn&Lunch: an hour of knowledge sharing and problem solving during the lunch break.
If you enjoy the IT world as much as we do, let’s meet

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