Why Cluj

We are: 100 people
We code: PHP, Python, React JS & Native, Angular JS, .NET, mobile technologies
We do: Hackathons, Lunch&Learn, PentaBAR – Tech Meetup, PentaDARTS

An IT hub in a city that never sleeps

Also known as the Silicon Valley of Transylvania, the city of Cluj-Napoca is, year after year, a playground for countless conferences, IT meetings, and cultural manifestations. With a central position, very close to Piata Unirii (Union Square), Pentalog Cluj is present at all the events with energetic people, ready to share their enthusiasm and technical skills. We are proud to be located in a high-class university center and on a competitive IT market, where IT challenges, cultural events and leisure activities blend in with the local vibe.

A place to break the grounds of web application and e-commerce solution development

Pentalog Cluj offers a dynamic and flexible work environment which brings together talented people around interesting, thought-provoking projects developed using web technologies such as PHP, Magento, .NET, Python or the more fashionable JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Backbone). In Pentalog Cluj, you will find 100 Pentaguys, passionate IT professionals who are always ready to take on the challenge of developing a new software solution and to adapt themselves to the requirements of an intercultural environment, with international clients. The projects developed in Pentalog Cluj cover a rich variety of business sectors: e-commerce, banking, data storage, digital marketing, accounting, entertainment, etc. The career opportunities offered there are awaiting not only for junior developers who wish to take their skills to the next level, but also for more experienced software engineers who want to bring off the demanding responsibilities of a Team Leader or Scrum Master.

A suitable setting for team work, friendship and mutual motivation

What makes the Cluj team special is our trust in team cohesion and our confidence that our colleagues can accomplish much more as a team rather than individually. We encourage friendship and are open to any kind of team-building activities, be they sports, entertainment, social or culture-based:

  • PentaSport: darts games in the delivery center, tennis and football matches organized every week;
  • PentaChef: an event where people get together to socialize, exchange ideas and have fun while one of the members cooks for the entire group;
  • Fruit Day: in order to encourage a healthy diet and lifestyle, various fruit assortments are shared in the offices every Wednesday;
  • Learn&Lunch: an event which converts the lunch break into an interesting knowledge sharing session, gathering passionate Pentaguys around a challenging technical problem;
  • Technical Meetups: IT sessions which bring together specialists willing to debate and exchange ideas on various topics.

We encourage a relaxed and inspiring work environment, but we also like to prove our IT technical skills by joining specialized events, which are quite a few in the city:

  • CodeCamp: an IT event whose main objective is to facilitate communication within the IT community by means of conferences and presentations on various IT-related topics;
  • CITCON: the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference is a worldwide series of events dedicated to people who share a common interest in Continuous Integration and Testing;
  • Java Technical Days: an event which brings around the table passionate Java developers to share ideas, debate and innovate.
Not convinced yet? Our Delivery Center Manager, Mihai, will buy you a coffee for each argument that is marketing only!

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