Why Hanoi

We are: 60 people skilled in software engineering, mobile technologies and cloud computing
We code with: JAVA, Python, Ruby, AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP, .NET, Android, iOS
We enjoy: PentaSPORTS, Tech Events, Team Building, Holidays and Celebrations

A dynamic location in the Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia

Pentalog Hanoi is conveniently located in one of the city’s new districts, Cau Giay. The office was founded in 2009 and has been growing into one of Pentalog’s most competitive delivery centers. It currently boasts a team of 60 talented IT Engineers.

Hanoi Team

Cau Giay is full of both big companies and interesting startups, making it an active business district. It is also easily accessible, close to both the airport and the city center. Although our delivery center is in a dynamic spot with intense business activity, there are plenty of relaxation and sports facilities nearby such as gyms, tennis courts, football fields, parks, restaurants and more.

An emerging tech hub for cutting-edge technology and skills

Pentalog Hanoi is home to challenging projects that span a wide array of industries: from IPTV / VOD services and telecommunications, to retail, healthtech and edtech. The clients who choose to work with our developers in Vietnam are usually either established service providers in their industry or dynamic startups. Developers in our Hanoi delivery center can experience the complexity of large-scale applications during one project and then the fast-paced environment of a startup project during the next.

There are over 10 projects running in our Hanoi center right now and more are always coming our way. Our developers in Hanoi are never idle, always finding new challenges to stimulate their problem-solving skills. Junior Developers will find growth opportunities in an environment that fosters continuous improvement and encourages them to evolve and senior developers will be challenged with complex assignments in diverse fields.

The diversity of technical skills that we use at Pentalog Hanoi has made it a tech hub. At our delivery center, IT enthusiasts have the chance to work with traditional languages, such as PHP and Java, or tackle the challenges of in demand technology like AngularJS, and ReactJS. Other programming languages like Python and Ruby are also commonly used.

A place for teamwork and making connections

Technical learning events are a regular occurrence at all of our delivery centers including Agile and Lean training sessions, less formal technical seminars inside project teams and Learn&Lunch sessions. These events allow team members to expand and share their knowledge with each other.

Pentalog Hanoi has established strong partnerships with national universities and organizes frequent events that bring together students and industry experts for presentations and job interview simulations. We also organize internship programs year round to support the growth of IT talent in Vietnam.

No project is built without a strong team. At Pentalog Hanoi, we value our team members and foster a welcoming atmosphere that makes everybody feel they are part of a family. Team building events and celebrations in our Hanoi center include:

  • Fête de la musique (World Music Day): an annual celebration of music and an occasion to bring the team together for a concert organized by talented colleagues.
  • Fête de la francophonie (International Francophonie Day): an event which celebrates the French language and culture by organizing various entertainment activities and eating à la française.
  • Tết (Vietnamese New Year): a big celebration that involves the entire team.
  • Children’s Day: an event that allows our team members to revisit their childhood once a year by exchanging gifts with a childhood thematic.
  • Christmas Party: a team building event that takes place during the Christmas season. This event includes a team retrospective of the year and also food and fun activities.
  • PentaSports: tennis, ping pong, and football championships are organized regularly and we even compete with our clients’ teams from time to time.
If you want to develop your skills and become part of a team,

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