Why Iasi

We are: 200 people
We code: NET, PHP, Node.js,React.js, mobile, IOS, Android
We do: Tech Afterwork, Learn&Lunch, Tech Meetup, QA Camp, Tech classes

A breeding ground for information technology specialists

Priding itself with the first university in Romania, the city of Iasi is one of the country’s historical sites, having an impressively rich cultural heritage and an active social, cultural and academic life. Pentalog Iasi is our second largest delivery center. Our Iasi team is one of the most dynamic among all Pentalog delivery centers, counting now about 200 IT specialists. A burst of enthusiasm has been guiding our Pentaguys to train as hard as possible in order to achieve the highest standards of quality.

In Pentalog Iasi, a well-stocked library awaits the curious minds to discover the world of computer science, while the relaxation room with a spacious terrace, as well as a foosball and a tennis table is the perfect spot to rest and loosen up.

A place where diversity and openness are the key words when talking about projects

Our Iasi team consists of open-minded people who are efficiently collaborating to make the best out of every project. New team members easily find their place thanks to a more experienced peer who guides, coaches and mentors them all along their accommodation period.

The young spirit is encouraged through one of the most diverse series of internship programs, which offers its participants real opportunities to begin their career on one of the ongoing projects. Subject matters range from JAVA, PHP and .NET technologies to mobile platforms, front-end solutions and QA. The internship itself is a unique combination of coaching, mentorship and individual study. It is organized into 4 thematic modules, with progressive levels of difficulty and complexity; 90% of the participants attending the last module have been integrated into one of the available projects.

Experienced Software Engineers and Project Managers are welcome to further develop their skills by joining highly technical and complex projects to design architectures, investigate new solutions, coordinate teams and share their expertise within the team.

Pentalog Iasi is home to the largest mobile team and the most numerous PHP developers out of all the Pentalog delivery centers. Other technologies, like .NET, Java and JavaScript are brought to the stage as part of the teams’ collaborations with clients from diverse activity sectors: e-commerce, retail, intellectual property, media communication, banking, medical electronics, travel, transportation etc.

A venue which combines team-building events with IT technical gatherings

At Pentalog Iasi, we are constantly investing in talented people, encouraging them to know more and do more of what they enjoy.

Team-building is what we believe to be one of the most important key ingredients to success. That is why we are trying to take advantage of every opportunity and organize as many contests and get-togethers as we can:

  • Board Games Night: a monthly afterwork event where passionate gamers have a lot of fun playing board games on Friday nights. One of them has even won the 2nd place in a European contest of this type;
  • Table Tennis Tournament: a contest in which our passionate table tennis players from Iasi compete during a fierce championship;
  • Tudor Office Center Bike Contest: a sports competition whose first edition brought together cycling enthusiasts from an entire building of offices for an entertaining bike race.

IT events organized either in-house or as subscriptions to national and international conferences taking place in Iasi are part of our main preoccupations:

  • LearnStuff: an initiative supported by Pentalog Iasi, which aims to provide free education and resources about information technology to university students;
  • Java Technical Days: an event dedicated to Java specialists who enjoy sharing their know-how with a community of developers as passionate as they are;
  • CodeCamp: an event bringing together the entire IT community of Iasi for a series of conferences, workshops and discussions on different IT topics;
  • QA Camp: an IT experience for QA specialists hosted by Pentalog Iasi, whose first edition gathered 45 testers from all the Pentalog delivery centers to work hard, learn a lot about software testing, play and make friends.
Not convinced yet? Come and see with your own eyes that this is not just marketing!

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